There are lots of beautiful places with energetically intensive vibration in Hungary, but still when we evaluate them from a viewpoint of FengShui and want to pick the best, our choice definitely falls on Hévíz. Not only because the city life provides an active chi all the year round for its inhabitants, but primarily because it is an incomparable place in the world. The springs of Hévíz mix with the crystal clear karstwater and they result in water with a vibration that has a very positive effect on our active organisms.

It is a perfect natural environment for those who want to live and rest healthily in a greenbelt. The surrounding settlements like Zalakaros, Kehidakustány and Zalaszentgrót boost furtherthe energetics of the environment with their emission. Balaton together with Szigliget – like two stable and unique resources – guard the landscape suggesting steadfast safety.The lake with an expansion of 4,44 hectares is Europe’s largest lake with warm water and curative power. It is surrounded by a 50 hectare forest. The glittering water in the middle of the enormous park offers picturesque scenery, and fits harmonically into the ambient mild Dunántúl landscape. In winter and on the early vernal and cooler autumn mornings the lake is covered with filmy vapour. This haze layer settling on the surface has a big significance because it blocks the cool down of the water thus making the winter open-air bathing possible.

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All generations of a classic family may find the most proper recreation here all the year round. Children, yachtsmen, those who like fishing can all take advantage of Balaton which lies only 6 km far from Hévíz. The Aqua Park in Zalaegerszeg offers a rejoicing program for a whole day. Elder people may enjoy the favourable effects of the lake and may receive medication by the help of practiced doctors. A course in Hévíz is not only appropriate for healing, but it is also perfect for prevention, relaxation or recreation. In the 20 km range of Hévíz fantastic hiking opportunities (Szigliget, SzentGyörgy-mountain, Small-Balaton’s protected flora and fauna, Balaton Uplands National Park etc.), cycle track, riding opportunities are given. In the city150 catering establishments wait for the ones desiring the culinary delights. The special-faceted quarter of the spa is Egregy where beside the attracting wine cellars and rows of vine there is a church from the Árpád age built in the 13th century which is the most beautiful of the Romanesque rustic churches. Winery has a tradition dating back to the Roman times. The vineyard lying in the neighbourhood of the ancient monument church is a remarkably beloved garden restaurant zone with its heavy wines of the Egregy “grinzing” and its Hungarian foods. The annually held Egregy vintage entertainment is one of the notable events of the town.