The man of our time lives in an ambience full of stress and increased rhythm, struggles to make a living for himself and his family, and if it is done he realizes that they need more and more. But men were not “produced” for this terrific pace. Therefore if we do not want to develop diseases like heart attack, disorder of the immune system, cancer, arthritic and rheumatic problems before time, we have to slow down, return to the elemental human rights and look into ourselves. It is necessary to be able to distinguish things that are really or just apparently important and periodically we have to create the harmony of our body, soul and mind.

For this deceleration an energetically suitable environment is needed, which ensures full regeneration and – above a particular age – slows down aging processes. In this world the harmony of body, soul and mind is crucial though its realization is much more difficult. On the level of body perhaps more of us fulfil this by various exercises, but on the grounds of mind and soul we are unversed, we need crutches. With the help of various esoteric guiding we have to make an effort calming down our mind in order to develop the mentioned triple unity. That is our only chance for happiness which is the goal of our life.

The apartmenthouse is located 10 minutes walk to the worldwide known Lake Hévíz with a beautiful view to Alsópáhok. We expect our visitors all the year round apartments reminiscent of home comfort, demandingly and fully equipped and capable of hosting from 2 to 6 persons. We have made them “peace of mind islands” with harmonic colours, plasterworks and fixtures.

Where we are surrounded by beauty, order and harmony we can have a rest and chill out much better than anywhere else. Being surrounded by an atmosphere like this you can make harmony in yourself which reflects your health as well. The aim of fengshui is to find the most suitable place for physical and emotional well-being.

Besides the more intimate personal balconies, a common, flowered sun terrace is also available. In the foyer you can have a chat or read something next to a cup of coffee. The house is surrounded by a verdant garden with various facilities according to the seasons. In the wellness department there is a gym, a massage room, a lying infrared sauna, a chi machine, a Finnish sauna with flavour and light therapy, relaxing music together with a tea corner all at your convenience.